Access Tool Reviewer

This program is designed to help you review accessibility evaluation tools. An accessibility evaluation tool is a piece of software that checks web pages for accessibility problems and produces some sort of output.

The Access Tool Reviewer (ATR) displays a list of test files and allows the user to mark them as either 'passed' or 'failed' in regard to a particular accessibility evaluation tool. For example: You run the test file "1-1-1-f1" through the accessibility evaluation tool called A-Prompt. A-Prompt detects that the file contains an image that is missing ALT text. You then mark test file "1-1-1-f1" as passed because that problem was present in the test file. If A-Prompt had not detected that there was an image that was missing ALT text then you would have marked the file as failed.

Directions For Use

  1. Select your accessibility evaluation tool (Bobby, A-Prompt etc.).
  2. Run the ATR.
  3. Enter the name of the tool and other information in the ATR dialog section "Access Tool Under Review".
  4. Select a test file in the "Test" section file list.
  5. The accessibility problem contained in the test file is displayed in the "Test" section information area.
  6. Run the test file selected through the accessibility evaluation tool.
  7. Compare the results of the accessibility evaluation tool to what is displayed in the ATR information area.
  8. If the results of the accessibility evalutation tool match the ATR information then select the "Passed" button. If they do not match then select the "Failed" button.
  9. Repeat process for each test file.
  10. Save the results using the "Store Results" button.


If the ATR does not display the list of test files then you are likely missing the current version of the Microsoft XML parser. Install the current version of the XML parser by running the "msxml3.exe" program that is in the same directory as the ATR program.

Some test files contain accessibility problems while others do not. If the test file contains an accessibility problem then the ATR information area will display "Should trigger:". If the test file does not contain an accessibility problem then the ATR information area will display "Should NOT trigger:".