WCAG2 Accessibility Techniques For HTML


This document is a super extra rough draft and is meant to spark discussion.


The requirements document for these techniques state:

The following points are mandatory requirements for Techniques.

WCAG 2 Checkpoint 3.1:

You will have successfully met Checkpoint 3.1 at the Minimum Level if the following minimum structure elements are present.:
  1. titles on major sections of long documents
  2. paragraphs
You will have successfully met Checkpoint 3.1 at Level 2 if:
  1. the content has been reviewed, taking into account the additional ideas listed below, and is believed to contain as much structure as is possible and appropriate
You will have successfully met Checkpoint 3.1 at Level 3 if:
  1. information is provided that would allow an assistive technology to determine at least one logical, linear reading order
  2. diagrams are constructed in a fashion so that they have structure that can be accessed by the user.


What is a major section and what is a long document?
Can valid long documents be devoid of paragraphs?

Techniques for Checkpoint 3.1

Techniques for Minimum Level

Techniques for Level 2

Techniques for Level 3

  1. Technique 5.3.1 [priority 2] Verify that layout tables make sense when linearized
  2. Technique 10.3.1 [priority 3] Verify that a linearized version of tables used for layout is provided.

(Diagrams must be in SVG?)

Chris Ridpath ([email protected]) Feb. 27, 2003