Using BLINK Or MARQUEE Element

Blinking, flashing or moving text is very annoying to many people. It should not be used in your web pages unless you are trying to aggravate your audience. Some people with cognitive limitations or visual disabilities are unable to read moving text quickly enough or at all. Movement can also cause such a distraction that the rest of the page becomes unreadable for people with cognitive disabilities. Screen readers are unable to read moving text. People with physical disabilities might not be able to move quickly or accurately enough to interact with moving objects. People with photosensitive epilepsy can have seizures triggered by flickering or flashing as well as quick changes from dark to light (like strobe lights).

Instead of using BLINK or MARQUEE, try drawing attention to text using Emphasis, Italics or Strong text.

This correcting tool lets you quickly remove BLINK or MARQUEE elements. It also allows you to replace these elements with alternatives such as EM (emphasis), STRONG or SPAN.