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How The A-Prompt File Selector Program Works

The A-Prompt file selector dialog allows you to select files for accessibility validation. This file selector is similar to the common Windows file dialog.

Displaying Files

The list of available files is displayed in the main centre window.

There are 3 checkboxes under the main centre window that control which files are displayed in the window. These 3 checkboxes are grouped together in the section 'Show these types of files'.

The 3 file display options are:

  1. HTML files
  2. Text files
  3. All files

Normally you will check the 'HTML files' check box. You may wish to check the 'Text files' or 'All files' checkboxes if your HTML files are stored with an extension other than '.htm' or '.html'.

The current directory is displayed in the combo box at the top of the dialog.

To change the current directory, select another directory from this combo box.

You may also use the mouse to double click on one of the file folders displayed in the main files window. Files in that folder will then be displayed in the main files window.

Selecting the 'Up One Level' button will move the current directory up one level. Files in that directory will be displayed in the main files window.

To refresh the main files window, click on the 'refresh' button. You may need to refresh the main files window if you move files into the current directory using the Windows Explorer.

Information about the files is displayed in columns titled 'Name', 'Size', 'Modified' and 'Type'. Selecting the column name will cause the sort the files according to that name. For example

Validating Files

To validate a file, double click on the file name. You may also click on the file name to select it, then select the 'Validate' button. You may select multiple files using the mouse and shift-clicking or CTRL-clicking then selecting the 'Validate' button.

You may also validate a file by drag-and-dropping the file from the Windows explorer into the main files window.

File State

To the left of each file name is a small box that displays the file state. After validating a file, the file state will change. Files may have one of the following 5 states:

  1. - Not tested. The file has not been validated.
  2. - Valid. The file has been tested and is now valid.
  3. - Part valid. The file has been tested and contains accessibility problems. Some of the problems have been fixed.
  4. - Invalid. The file has been tested and contains accessibility problems. The accessibility problems have not been fixed.
  5. - Error. The file can not be validated due to an error in the file.


Please see the topic on 'settings' for more information. The important part of the settings dialog is the 'Saving Files' page. The settings there determine what will happen to the file after it has been validated.

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Last Modified: April 19, 2022