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New Upgrade Available

The ATRC is pleased to announce the release of our new accessibility checker. Please give it a try (it's free):

Why The New Product?

A-Prompt has been around for several years now and is beginning to show its age. Rather than release a new version of A-Prompt we have created an entirely new accessibility checking program that improves upon it. Here are some of the features in our new checker:

  • The new checker is web based and works with all computers. (A-Prompt runs under Windows only.)
  • The new checker handles several new accessibility guidelines including the Italian Stanca act and the upcoming WCAG 2.
  • The new checker performs many more accessibility tests than A-Prompt.
  • The new checker can output reports in the EARL standard.
  • The new checker does not require any installation or downloads to work.
  • The new checker can evaluate web pages or files on your local machine.
  • The new checker is still FREE to use.

The Future Of A-Prompt

We will be discontinuing support of A-Prompt in 2007 in order to focus our energies on our new checker program. A-Prompt will still be available for download but we will not be offering upgrades or support.

A-Prompt Helps People with Disabilities use the Internet

Web authors can use A-Prompt to make their Web pages accessible to people with disabilities. The A-Prompt software tool examines Web pages for barriers to accessibility, performs automatic repairs when possible, and assists the author in manual repairs when necessary. These enhanced Web pages are available to a larger Internet audience.

People who are blind can use the Internet by listening to synthesized speech from their computer. They do this by using a Screen Reader, software that vocalizes text by converting it to speech.

Those with physical disabilities who have difficulty typing or using
a mouse can browse the Internet by manipulating switches or wireless
pointing devices attached to their heads.

People who are deaf can understand sound on the Internet by reading visible text and image captions.

These are examples of technologies, known as Assistive Technologies, which improve the accessibility of the Internet to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, smooth operation of these technologies is often prevented by how a Web page is designed and created.

Accessibility can also be improved directly by applying universal design techniques. For example, people who are deaf can understand sound on the Internet by reading text captions and viewing supplemental illustrations. The ability to zoom and enlarge text allows those with low vision to read.

Assistive Technologies and universal design make the Internet more accessible to everybody by providing convenient alternatives for small screens in mobile devices, text alternatives for low bandwidth connections and other atypical situations.

A-Prompt is a software tool which helps Web authors create Web pages which are more directly accessible and which work well with Assistive Technologies so that people with disabilities can access and enjoy the Internet. A-Prompt evaluates Web pages for accessibility barriers and provides Web authors with a fast and easy way to make the necessary repairs.

Version 1 of A-Prompt is now available. A-Prompt is developed and made available by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre of the University of Toronto. Both the French and English language versions of A-Prompt are available free of charge and can be accessed at the Download A-Prompt Web page. For additional information about the A-Prompt’s functionality, please view the Overview section.

If you have comments or questions about A-Prompt please contact us.

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