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Example 2: Frame Missing Title

According to Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), content developers are required to provide a title for each FRAME or IFRAME within a document. Web authors must identify the content and/or the navigational links within a FRAME through the "title" attribute.

A-Prompt Repair:

The correct FRAME title for the example below might appear in the HTML source code as follows:

<FRAME SRC="dummy.html" title="Table of Contents frame">

If the title attribute has not been included, A-Prompt will present a dialogue box providing information about the the frame source file, and the name, if available.

screen shot of 'Frame must have a title' repair dialog box

Note that the "FRAME missing title" repair dialog includes a text entry field enabling content developers to add an appropriate title for each FRAME or IFRAME.

screen shot of text field for entering FRAME title

A-Prompt will automatically add the description entered to the document's HTML source code by inserting a "title" attribute in each FRAME element.

The repair is complete after a title has been added to each FRAME or IFRAME. Select "Repair" to return to A-Prompt's "Accessibility Problems" dialog.

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