Description Of Dialog Used To Repair The BLINK/MARQUEE Element

This dialog is one page from a 'wizard' style dialog. Along the bottom of the dialog are the standard wizard buttons 'back', 'next', 'cancel' and 'help'. Also along the bottom is a text string that lists the number of steps in the repair. In this case there is only one step so the text string reads 'Step 1 of 1'.

The main body of the dialog is divided into 5 horizontal areas:

  1. Concern area - States the accessibility concern which in this case is 'Using a blinking or scrolling object'. The text string that caused the dialog to appear is also displayed, which in this example is 'blinking text'.
  2. Guidelines area - Lists the WAI guideline that covers the repair. It reads: "The BLINK and MARQUEE elements are not defined in any W3C specification and should not be used".
  3. Repair element area - Contains 2 radio buttons: Radio button 1 is labeled 'remove this element from the document'. Radio button 2 is labeled 'change this element to Replacement element (below)'.
  4. Replacement element area - Contains a drop down list that contains elements that may be used to replace the blink/marquee element. These replacement elements are: STRONG, EM and SPAN. To the right of the drop down list is an edit field that allows the user to enter attributes for the replacement element. This edit field is normally disabled because STRONG and EM do not require attributes. If the user chooses SPAN from the drop down list, the edit field becomes active because SPAN takes attributes. The edit field contains a suggested set of attributes for the SPAN element which is "Style={font family: arial; font-size: 20pt;}". The user may enter their own element in the drop down list and then enter attributes for it in the edit box.
  5. Repair following area - These controls are hidden if the document contains only one blink/marquee element. If the document contains more than one blink/marquee element then these controls are shown. The controls are 4 radio buttons:

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Last Modified: October 22, 2021